US retail department store chain Kohl’s has announced plans to achieve 100 percent sustainably-sourced cotton in its proprietary brands by 2025. The company, the world’s third largest department store chain, is also aiming to ensure that 50 per cent of its propriety brands that use polyester will be made with recycled materials.

The commitment comes as part of Kohl’s sustainability goals for 2025 which have been announced as part of its corporate social responsibility platform. The retailer aims to decrease greenhouse gases by 50 percent in all operations owned by Kohl’s by 2025. It will also further expand renewable energy assets from its current 161 solar and wind locations.

It aims to reduce energy consumption by 10 per cent by 2025, and to move towards a low-carbon transportation system by increasing the number of locations offering electrical vehicle charging.

Kohl’s also plans to reduce the waste generated by diverting around 85 percent of its waste away from landfills in the US. It also aims to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals.

The company also said it will require its suppliers to complete the Higg Index Environmental Module – a suite of tools that allows companies to measure environmental performance – by 2025. Kohl’s is also aiming to use the Higg Index itself to drive “substantial” water reductions, though the company did not identify a specific goal in that area.

And it will work with agents, partners and suppliers to monitor factory working conditions to help ensure the fair and ethical treatment of workers in a safe and healthy work environment. Kohl’s says its goals align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the company plans to monitor and report progress against the goals annually in its Corporate Social Responsibility report.

CEO Michelle Gass said, “At Kohl’s, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, making our communities stronger by supporting initiatives and organisations that focus on health and wellness, sustainability, and environmental efforts that benefit all families. “We are proud to share our sustainability goals that support Kohl’s efforts to enhance our standing as a retailer of purpose.”