In today’s dynamic textile and apparel industry, you need to bring innovative designs to market quickly. Using the latest design tools and techniques takes time and steps out of the process, and lets you produce better designs faster. Discover how EFI™ Fiery® DesignPro helps to improve efficiency and unleash your creativity.

The Fiery DesignPro software tools work seamlessly with the Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator® software you use every day, and allow you to work in Mac® or Windows® environments. These powerful textile and fashion design tools are efficient to use, fast to learn, and make it easy to switch between DesignPro and native Photoshop or Illustrator tools while you design.

Fiery DesignPro plug-ins significantly reduces the time and effort to create repeat patterns, colourways, separations, weaves, knits, or garment sketches. You can experiment with new ideas and see results instantly. Plus you can communicate the correct colours and seasonal palettes through the entire design team, all the way to production. With FieryDesignPro you can: Communicate colour consistently, Create quality designs quickly, Try options fast and get creative, Easily sketch garments and create storyboards, Create print-ready artwork.