Sensitive® Fabrics by Eurojersey presents a collection of versatile and multi-purpose prints designed for a contemporary lifestyle. These solutions, whose impeccable fit is guaranteed by innovative technical performances, find their ideal application in the apparel industry with an across-the-board relevance, for interpreting a wardrobe of multifunctional garments; from on-trend moods to urban-chic styles, more formal outfits for business occasions or feminine looks for glamorous evenings out… nothing could be more “season-less”. Wrinkle-free and breathable, Sensitive® Fabrics harmoniously follow each and every movement of the body in the most varied activities all through the day. Machine washable and quick drying, they require no ironing and enable the creation of easy care outfits that are perfectly suited to a dynamic lifestyle, ensuring comfort at all times, for urban living and travel requirements, regardless of changing fashions or seasons.

A print collection rich in identity and glamour which draws inspiration from the pared-down buildings of avant-garde architecture or the romanticism of a bohemian lifestyle, to translate it into a more contemporary and high-tech version.

Geometric motifs are offset by animalier prints or houndstooth weaves transferred onto Sensitive® Fabrics with a perfectly defined rendering. Hyperrealistic patterns are impressed onto the ultra-flat fabric surface with 3D-effect photographic precision, thanks to Eurojersey digital printing.

Focus On Trends: Prints, patterns and colour recount a collection which interprets multiple styles, from elegantly formal to more casual wear, interpreted in three main trends.

I Trend: A mood with reflects the avant-garde constructions belonging to a bold and unconventional artistic period, characterized by stark volumes and linear structures, set in their turn in a new urban context. Similarly, prints mingle with the distinctive and expressive characters associated with the Futurist and Surrealist movements of that period. An interplay of geometric designs, which make recourse to typical tie motifs in an evident flashback to the 70’s, create contrasting effects with more recent and contemporary shapes.

An autumnal palette caresses the surfaces of Sensitive® Fabrics in a variety of warm shades inspired by the nuances of wood, in contrast with cool colours borrowed from concrete and metal.

II Trend: A graceful, silent and refined look mingles with the erratic lifestyle of a cosmopolitan city. Elegant lines reflecting the bon ton style are added to new animalier interpretations painted in pink brushstrokes coordinated with greys. A collection that is also rich in prints recalling houndstooth weaves, perfectly reproduced in high definition on Sensitive® Fabrics thanks to the use of digital printing. A dash of minimalism in pictorial and feminine shades flaunts a neutral palette pervaded by notes of intensity, while retaining that distinctive mark of refinement and class.

III Trend: A trend that plunges us into a Bohemian world, with highly feminine, loosely flowing layered garments in original combos, softly hanging and ethereal musthaves embellished by ethnic touches and a bit of rock’n’roll. A casual, romantic look made up of no-fuss garments for wearing in total freedom, with imagination and nonchalance for a more dynamic style. Unconventional patchwork prints in bright colours, interpreted in orangey shades, are printed onto Sensitive® Fabrics. “Boho-chic“ combinations of the typical sixties-style Vichy checks and sophisticated pin stripes form colour contrasts artfully played out between pastel shades and brighter hues.