Hohenstein’s WATson heat loss device measuring the cooling power of textiles is now a DIN SPEC standard. The 2019 published DIN SPEC 60015 Quantitative measurement of the evaporative heat loss of smart textile materials for work, sports/outdoor and leisure defines the measuring procedure and requirements for textiles and clothing that claim to have a cooling effect. “This already offers a market compliant standard,” the Institute reports. “The next stage is to convert the method into an ISO standard.”

WATson is the only device worldwide that can quantitatively measure the evaporative cooling ability of a textile or textile system – for example during activity – and is already well received in the performance apparel and home textiles industries.

It measures the dynamic interaction of textiles and human thermal regulation with customisable climatic conditions and sweat rates. Only a 25×25 cm fabric sample is required for the WATson test, which provides data on average cooling power, cooling power over time, fabric response and dry time.

The data is used for product development, benchmark comparisons, quality assurance and verified marketing claims. In addition to the measurement scenarios defined in DIN SPEC 60015, WATson’s setup can be tailored to meet specific requirements.