Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network has announced commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals in global partnership with the Conscious Fashion Campaign and the United Nations Office for Partnerships to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into over 50 leading international textiles trade fairs, attracting more than 22,000 companies and over half a million trade visitors annually.

In January 2019 the Sustainable Development Goals were introduced to a Messe Frankfurt event for the first time during the world’s leading platform for sustainable fashion, Neonyt, in Berlin as part of Berlin Fashion Week, where the Conscious Fashion Campaign was presented.

The initiative, in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, engages global industry events to commit to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and champions fashion as an influential sector to address the world’s most pressing issues. The campaign is dedicated to driving change through advocacy, education and engagement of industry stakeholders to create a sustainable future for all.

The collaboration continued throughout the July 2019 show edition with the Conscious Fashion Campaign highlighting the Sustainable Development Goals via the engagement of attendees and exhibiting brands, as well as in panel talks on the stage of the Neonyt conference Fashionsustain with representatives from industry and NGOs.

“The international fashion and textile industry can have significant influence on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, both in terms of addressing climate change; ensuring environmental protection; promoting circularity; and enabling fair working conditions. Thanks to the more than 50 textile events that Messe Frankfurt organises annually across the globe, together with the Conscious Fashion Campaign, we can reach a broad, professional audience, raise awareness of the goals and galvanise support,” said Robert Skinner, Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Partnerships.

“The Texpertise Network fulfills a role as a communication facilitator for all our global textile activities. We will gradually start to present the Sustainable Development Goals to this network at our events and encourage them to exchange ideas with one another. We’re very proud to support the Conscious Fashion Campaign and the United Nations Office for Partnerships in the activation and implementation of the goals,” said Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board at Messe Frankfurt.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals came into force on 1 January 2016 and serve as a blueprint for more sustainable development across the globe. The 17 goals that address global challenges on an economic, social and environmental level are closely interwoven and the aim is to achieve them by 2030. Networking with the industry and communication with various interest groups will play a major role in achieving these goals.

Kerry Bannigan, Founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, commented: “As a leading global company, Messe Frankfurt’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals amplifies our messaging for the fashion and textiles sector to choose economically, socially and environmentally responsible business practices to build a better world. Each Texpertise Network event by 2022 will be encouraging all exhibitors and attendees to take meaningful action.”