Portuguese circular knitter Tintex says it has developed a new holistic approach to creating knitted textiles that is built on the company’s principles of natural based, smart and responsible innovation.

Due to be unveiled at September’s Munich Fabric Start (Hall H3 Booth D22), Tintex will launch its new Colorau Natural Dye system as well as the TINTEX E-Commerce service which aims to connect creativity with easy, direct-to-designer product sourcing.

Also on display alongside the latest Naturally Advanced fabric collection will be Smart Wardrobe Co.Lab, a new supply chain cooperation working with three leading Portuguese manufacturers. Colorau, which received the Sustainable Solution award at May’s Techtextil, is a low temperature surface treatment aimed at improving the affinity between the textile substrate and natural compounds Tintex developed it as part of a Portuguese consortium which also included Ervital, Bioinvitro, Citeve and Centi. The results is a range of responsibly colored fabrics with antimicrobial properties, using natural dyes extracted from different types of natural plants and resources that do not use salt in their production.

The process uses only compounds of natural origin such as thyme, boldo, peppermint, chestnut and gambier in the production of functional and sustainable textiles in a variety of fibres such as cotton, lyocell and wool. It also makes use of a selection of “performing” extracts for the appropriate color fastness to light and washing as well as colour durability and antimicrobial functionality.

The new A/W 20/21 collection on show in Munich is based on the concept of “WEME”, a new range consisting of electric and active tones, made from a mix of new generation fibres that enhance free movement such as REFIBRA by Lenzing, Q-NOVA by Fulgar and the unique GRS certified premium stretch ROICA EF. The collection also makes use of Colorzen, a technology that allows an efficient and sustainable cotton dyeing process, enriched with eco high-tech values.

Second is the idea of “ID”, where colours are allied to striped structures that simulate flaws on initially smooth and perfected surfaces. Here we see Tencel Luxe, a Lyocell filament yarn that redefines a new standard in luxury fabrics with marbled effects. Add to this a soft sensitive touch thanks to smartcel that is kind to the skin thanks to the inclusion of zinc oxide to provide soothing, anti-inflammatory effects.

The third concept is the “EGO” selection, where visitors can experience the introspection between space and the world. Rich purples, calm lilacs and feminine yellows are allied with natural fibres such as organic wool, cashmere and silks.

Also used is the “superego” concept which stands for the belief that combined individual actions can achieve collective change. Unique styles and colours are achieved thanks to Colorzen and the Naturally Clean finishing. Together these enhance the natural beauty of cotton and cellulosic eliminating harsh treatments and optimizing clean surfaces with vivid colours, and an exquisitely smooth hand feel.