Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd (SPCFL), a leading speciality chemical manufacturing company from India, has launched its new range of reactive dyes for the textile industry in Bangladesh under the brand name of Dyecol. Shree Pushkar is now launching additional shades for the Bangladesh market which is going to strengthen its presence in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Textile colourants dominates the chemicals market owing to their property of imparting aesthetic value and appearance to the finished textile products. Dhaka is the largest demand generating region for textile chemicals in Bangladesh, backed by the presence of large number of textile mills in the region.

The new range of reactive dyes are available in a wide variety such as royal blue and turquoise blue series; black series, Celf reactive dyes, Ceft & RR reactive dyes, DR reactive dyes and SS reactive dyes. These dyes are available in the complete range of colours and trichromy, said SPCFL in a report. The entire ranges of reactive dyes are formulated efficiently and are flexible to suit a wide range of applications. These dyes come with unique features like good wet-rub, robustness and all-round fastness properties; extraordinary colour value and easy wash-off; unmatchable lab to bulk and bulk to bulk reproducibility; high tinctorial value; fluorine chemistry to support high light fastness; shade continuity in longer lengths; less shading, less diluent contributing to less effluent; suitable for room temperature dyeing (40°C to 60°C).

Dyecol is water and energy efficient product with high salt solubility and excellent compatibility. This results in significant decrease in processing costs. The world class dyes are made through a completely sustainable manufacturing methodology of zero-waste and compliant with the highest level of global environmental standards. They are suitable to be used for cotton fibre, yarn, knitted and woven fabrics dyeing and all types of shades.

“With a successful rejoinder from Indian market we have now launched our new range of reactive dyes for Bangladesh market which is a high salt solubility product. Our foray into dyes manufacturing is a step towards forward integration and provide value added products to our customers which will enhance our revenues going forward. The dyes are in highly concentrated and are in crude form, it is also salt free reactive dyes. Our entire range of dyes is GOTS certified, we are a ZDHC contributor a Bluesign System Partner. Bangladesh, the second leading textile and apparel exporter worldwide, is witnessing a high growth in textile and apparel sector. Moreover, exemption from export duties, favourable governmental policies and availability of labour attracts foreign investors towards the country’s textile sector, which in turn is catalysing the demand for textile chemicals. Our major exporting countries are Europe, China & Bangladesh. As we are going for huge capacity expansion, we have begun looking for new markets for dyes and dye intermediates. We are looking at South America and Turkey as we believe there are huge potential for our products,” said Punit Makharia, Chairman & Managing Director of Shree Pushkar Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd.

Shree Pushkar Chemicals and Fertilisers is an integrated speciality chemicals manufacturing company, dealing in the entire range of textile and speciality chemicals. The company is one of the leading producers of dye intermediaries and dyestuff in India, with the widest range of dye intermediaries offering. The company manufactures dyes under the brand Dyecol, which is getting acceptance in Indian textile industries. It is a zero-waste chemical company with a unique business model that is completely forward and backward integrated.