Greek yarn manufacturer Varvaressos is set to unveil its new premium cotton yarn collection – Supreme Green Cotton (SGC) – at Première Vision Paris, which it says is water-saving, GMO-free and 100 per cent traceable. “Organic cotton is a fundamental first step, but for us it wasn’t enough,” said Argirios Sarridis, Managing Director of Varvaressos.

Varvaressos uses Israeli ultimate technologies and expertise in water management, which has let to a ‘sustainable’ technology that reduces water consumption up to 40 per cent. A custom-developed app connected via satellite and meteorological stations in selected cotton fields allows farmers to monitor the fields in real-time.

The company also says that all farmers and producers are carefully selected in order to guarantee the highest GMO-free quality as well as the most sustainable standards in line with strict EU regulations.
The SGC line has been equipped with a QR code providing detailed information about all the production phases, making the products 100 per cent traceable.

Varvaressos have previously been certified by Made in Green and Step by Oeko-Tex, along with receiving ISO9001 and ISO 14001. It has also recently become a partner of Class, joining its touring Smart Materials Bank. Varvaressos will be in attendance at Première Vision Paris September 17-19, at pavilion 3, booth 3S21.