Pegasus Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines in world today. Pegasus specialises in industrial sewing machines that produce chain stitches (Kan-nui), which are used in sewing factories. This Kan-nui is most suitable for sewing stretchy knit fabrics such as T-shirts and swimsuits, etc. Since its establishment in 1914, Pegasus has always aimed for the top rank of industrial sewing machine (Kan-nui) manufacturing business on a worldwide basis. Sewing factories around the world choose its products through approximately 200 agents in about 70 countries. Pegasus always focuses on to strengthen its core business, build solid foundations for its manufacturing structures across Japan, China and Vietnam.

The company recently organised Pegasus New Product launching ceremony in Dhaka and Chittagong on 10th and 13th May, 2018 respectively. The event was attended by around 100 garment exporters and buying houses at each of the place. The company used it as an opportunity to introduce its new LaRgo -FS703P-A-G2BX452/PD23/PT. The new technology is which is made in China is high speed 4-needle 6-thread flat seamer with “oil barrier” effectiveness equipped with the right and left independent differential feed dog adjustment mechanism. It comes with max speed of 4200 rpm, Stitch length- 1.3-2.5 mm, Presser foot lift- 5.5m and Differential feed ratio- 1:0.7 – 1: 1.5.

While speaking during the launch event John Tan Choon Chuan, Managing Director, Pegasus said, “Our new product is basically a flat seamer. For the first time in the world, such technology is able to control two fabric plys independently. Two pieces of fabric have different nature, so when you sew it, the end result is not perfect. But this machine has different feeding mechanism for different fabric, and once the sewing is done the result is very nice and beautiful.”

When asked about the edge LaRgo has over others, John said, “It is different because of the nature of the feeding. It is feeding at both left and right side wherein normal machines are feed front and back, so are able to handle only one type of fabric as there is no way to adjust two type of fabric side by side. It’s a bit technical and it will be easy to understand if you see the functioning as well as the end result.”

Adding to this, Md. Hasib Anwar from Pegasus said, “This is a unique product, the difference is that no product has this function. We have launched two products and both of them are unique. In the case of flat seamer, it is an operation for knitted garments, which is one of the most difficult operations and this technology is able to handle various type of fabric and makes stitch look beautiful which in many cases of ultimate importance to all major brands. It is hassle free and easy to handle for the operators, and machine will itself take care of the different fabric characteristics. We have 15 patents to make this machine. Though we made it long back but were testing it outside the market, and only after feeling completely satisfied with its effectiveness and efficiency, we have introduced it in Bangladesh. This product has got potential to flourish in the market. We have already received many enquiries from lingerie manufacturers and have started working on 7-8 lingerie projects,” said Anwar.

Also present at the event, one of Pegasus customers, Sheikh Babul Akhtar, Managing Director, Zihan Group said, “Pegasus’ new LaRgo is quite fine. We came here and observed that this is a completely new technology in the garment sector especially for the lingerie items. The machine is very effective and user friendly and makes good quality product, especially for the lingerie segment, which is growing very fast in Bangladesh apparel industry.”

Another customer, Sheikh Abu Salla Salman, Country Representative, Trademark Textile said, “For the first time we are buying flat seamer machines from China. Chinese machines’ speed is very slow but if I compare those machines with Pegasus, LaRgo machines are quite fast. These are really cost effective as with running cost your productivity will be almost double. The technicians are well aware about the machines and hopefully we will be able to buy more machines. LaRgo is going to perform very well in this market. In the near future many factories will prefer buying this product as the cost of regular flat seamer machine is on higher side and everyone can’t afford it. But Pegasus machine is comparatively available at a lower cost with high productivity and therefore is preferable.”

Commenting on the LaRgo’s potential into Bangladesh market John Tan said, “In Bangladesh exports of clothes are increasing as it is no longer restricted to normal T-shirts and under garments. We are going into much more difficulties segments like lingerie and active wear. The fabric technology is always changing. There are more synthetic fabrics, which are harder to control by the operators. The designers are very concerned about how the product looks and are sometimes not so familiar with how it is sewn. So we need to focus on the sewing part, since more value added garments are being manufactured in Bangladesh. The level of handling such garments and fabric is now much higher and more sophisticated machines and devices are required to support the operators to obtain efficiency and quality”.