Russia’s new restrictions on Ukrainian light industry imports would affect the export volume of these goods, operation of enterprises and jobs as despite export of light industry products to Russia falling by 26 per cent last year compared to 2017, it totaled $73.6 mn, which was 6 per cent of the total such exports of the country, according to Ukrlegprom.

In 2018, the key groups of goods exported to Russia were knitted clothing (20.9 per cent), shoes (20.5 per cent), cotton wool and non-woven materials (17.8 per cent), synthetic and artificial fabrics (11.6 per cent), household textiles (11.4 per cent), carpets (3.3 per cent) and textile clothing (2.7 per cent), Ukrlegprom, the Ukrainian Association of enterprises of textile and leather industry, said on its website.

The Russian ban is on suits, sets, women’s blazers, T-shirts and sweatshirts, sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, vests; panty hoses, stockings, socks; bras, corsets and suspenders. In addition, the restrictions applied to shoes with a sole made of rubber, plastic, natural or composite leather; shoes with rubber and plastic tops; as well as parts of shoes, nested insoles, heel cushions and gaiters.