Karl Mayer is a pioneer in manufacturing world class machines for warp preparation. They have been producing many types of sectional warpers, and over the years have supplied these machines across the globe, including hundreds in India. For example, there are close to 150 machines of a single model, the ERGOTEC, running successfully in India! Based on market needs, Karl Mayer had also introduced the ISOWARP model sectional warper, which has been manufactured in Germany and China. Several ISOWARP sectional warpers are also working well in India and Bangladesh. To meet the growing demand for the ISOWARP model, it has been decided that this model will now also be manufactured in India by KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India Private Ltd, Ahmedabad.

Sectional warping is one of the crucial processes in warp preparation to produce quality and defect-free warp beams. The ISOWARP sectional warping machine ensures quality warp beams for all types of yarns suitable for shirting, suiting, dress material, upholstery, etc. ISOWARP has been proven to run at higher warping and beaming speeds and, in particular, with a substantial simplification of operation, resulting in improved production. Beam to beam reproducibility is guaranteed with KARL MAYER`s in-built KAMCOS system, which additionally has easy access to the teleservice network to remotely support machine maintenance.

Only warps of the highest quality guarantee optimal efficiency and fault-free fabric in the weaving department. This modern sectional warping guarantees perfect warp quality at maximum productivity, which is a decisive factor for the weaving department.

A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited is the sole selling agent for KARL MAYER in India and can guide customers in selecting appropriate technologies and machine configurations to meet their requirements.