XDknitmachinery, a leading manufacturer of knitting machines headquartered in China, has launched the ideal knitting machine that can keep up with the constant changes in the fashion industry called the single jersey computerised Jacquard. The new knitting machine is only one of the many machines that the company builds for a variety of industries.

In the past few years, the fashion industry has earned more than $100 bn worldwide. It covers a lot of businesses, including clothes, shoes, undergarments, accessories, and so on, however, the key players here are giant fashion companies and manufacturers, like textile manufacturers and knitting machine manufacturers. Since it’s a multi-billion industry, many factors are involved. For XDknitmachinery, they have taken this opportunity to offer companies in the fashion industry reliable knitting machines to produce high-quality fashion garments.

The XDknitmachinery circular knitting machine is capable of handling different types of jacquard fabric patterns. This is useful as the fashion industry is versatile. New trends and changes are always happening. It doesn’t require any special drawing software to create different graphic patterns, according to a statement by the company.

The machine is easy to operate as it comes with an advanced control system. It is equipped with an efficient needle selection. It also comes with a highly accurate encoder, which promotes machine stability and lessens breakdown and errors. It is made with reliable major parts made in Taiwan while some minor components are from Japan. It assures stable performance with low running noise.

XDknitmachinery also offers other machines designed for fashion applications like single jersey, single reverse plated loop, single three-thread fleece, interlock, double jersey computerised Jacquard, rib, and more. They also offer other knitting machines for other applications which are readily viewable on their website.

“The machine is designed in a way that it can meet different requirements from the fashion market. It is highly efficient in that it cuts down the production process and it has high accuracy due to the encoder installed to it. Adding up all these features, not only will companies produce fashionable and durable garments, but they will have fewer errors, which will help them avoid unnecessary expenses,” Alex Chief, XDknitmachinery’s technology officer said.