Teejay Lanka, a knit fabric provider in South Asia, has announced an extension of its support to the University of Moratuwa for another two years, further strengthening a long standing and mutually beneficial partnership. Along with knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing, Teejay’s portfolio include lace dyeing, yarn dyeing, and synthetic production.

A memorandum of understanding first signed in 2014 provided the now tight-knit organisations with a framework for a long-term collaborative relationship that has, among others, resulted in all Teejay’s designers being graduates of fashion design from the University. Job applications from graduates of the University are also given priority by the company. Furthermore, the collaboration has resulted in strengthening research, design, and technical capabilities and product development on a mutually beneficial platform, according to Teejay.

As a result of the extension of this MoU for another two years, Teejay will continue to provide industrial placements and fostering schemes for fashion design and product development students of the University, and facilitate potential overseas exposure where necessary, for students engaged in carrying out special projects with the company.

Additionally, Teejay will continue its support to and sponsorship of the annual graduation fashion show of the graduates of the bachelor of design in fashion design and product development degree and accommodate short term industry placements for foreign students through academic link programmes between foreign universities and the University of Moratuwa.

In return, the university will extend its knowledge and support to strengthen in-house design and technical expertise of Teejay through a series of workshops that will focus on a wide range of co-current industry topics while acting as advisors to the company.

“We initiated this partnership with a strong belief in the importance of proper understanding of the current needs of professional and technical training institutions and employer businesses as well as the predictable future demands of both sectors. Having effectively developed that understanding over the past four years with this partnership, we look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial relationship,” Teejay’s CEO Shrihan Perera said.