Portuguese circular knitter Tintex will have two of its latest fabrics included in the exclusive Jury’s Pick section of the “Water – Our Responsibility” forum, at the upcoming Performance Days exhibition. The company, which specialises in the production of sustainable jersey fabrics, has developed a smart rib fabric that offers a reduction in water usage throughout the production process from the cultivation of the raw materials through until fabric finishing. The fabric is a blend of 80 per cent Lenzing Modal with the remaining 20 per cent sourced from European-grown hemp, a fast-growing plant that requires very little water and no herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO seeds. Both fibres are biodegradable.

The second selected fabric is a 100 per cent merino wool jersey fabric made using Colorau, Tintex’s patented natural dyeing process technique that uses vegetable herbs and extracts. “A great amount of water was saved by avoiding subsequent washing steps,” the company says. “While lower water pollution is achieved by avoiding synthetic dyestuffs.”

Tintex has also launched Naturally Clean which is described as a smart finishing process that enhances the natural beauty of cotton, eliminates aggressive treatments and with, vivid colours, provides an exquisitely smooth handfeel. Naturally Clean achieves this by using Novozymes technology, the Dutch creator of finishing technology that reduces water consumption, energy and time compared to traditional wet processing techniques. Both of the materials are Oeko-Tex certified and should also soon receive bluesign accreditation. Performance Days takes place in Munich, Germany on 28 and 29 November, 2018.