In the age of overconsumption, unethical manufacturing, needless animal cruelty, and reckless pollution, every step towards sustainability counts. For the fashion industry, in particular, the need to change is critical, especially now that it has become one of the most polluting industries in the world.

After covering for the last five years the intersection of fashion with innovation, sustainable development, and animal welfare, the team behind WTVOX Magazine, a London-based online fashion journal, is launching ‘Wardrobe of Tomorrow,’ world’s first online marketplace dedicated exclusively to cruelty-free and sustainable luxury fashion.

Not only that this is the world’s first marketplace dedicated exclusively to eco-conscious fashion labels that do not harm animals, but the story behind the reason to exist, its suggestive name choice, and the decision to target the luxury segment, is absolutely inspiring.

“WTVOX Magazine has provided us with unparalleled insights into the fashion industry, from understanding niche consumer behaviours to global market movements. We’ve interacted with tech-savvy and conscious readers, learned from their comments and demands for innovation in fashion, but innovation with a scope; for a better industry and a cleaner world,” said Laurenti Arnault, Co-founder and Wardrobe of Tomorrow CEO.

“Wardrobe of Tomorrow is more than just another e-commerce platform for fashion but the first step towards a cleaner, more conscious fashion world. It is the home of both, conscious fashion designers that ‘create with a mission,’ by putting the planet, animals, and the environment at the core of what they do, and fashion buyers that want to be proud of their fashion choices,” he added.

“We’ve pondered a lot on what the best name for such a unique marketplace should be. It had to be both simple for people to remember and comprehensive enough to encapsulate the ongoing innovations in fashion, to reflect the labels we carefully select, to resonate with the conscious consumers and with the choices they make. ‘Wardrobe of Tomorrow’ signifies the fashion of a never-ending tomorrow, a place of innovative products and brands, better choices, better people, and overall, a better future,” said Rueen Amiriara, Co-founder and CMO at Wardrobe of Tomorrow.

“Wardrobe of Tomorrow is a world’s first in so many ways. It is the world’s first marketplace to promote only cruelty-free and eco-friendly luxury fashion. It is the world’s first platform that gives conscious fashion designers voice on a global scale. We are constantly selecting, vetting and onboarding with great care an elite of cruelty-free and sustainable fashion brands from all over the world, making Wardrobe of tomorrow their premier destination,” he added.

While the decision to host exclusively high-end and luxury labels on Wardrobe of Tomorrow might seem somehow counterintuitive – given the platform’s overall construct of doing good by putting sustainability and animal welfare at its core, the choice is based on rigorous market research and years of business expertise.

“We envision a world where everybody wears cruelty-free and sustainable fashion. However, the fastest way to accelerate market adoption is through a trickle-down process, as the luxury segment has always been the trendsetter and at the forefront of innovation,” said Laurenti Arnault.

The deep understanding of the market and its consumers is evident as Co-founders, Laurenti Arnault and Rueen Amiriara are not just ardent militants for sustainability and animal rights, but also PhD candidates in luxury fashion and consumer behaviour and successful serial entrepreneurs.

Following on the footsteps of Stella McCartney, a new world of cruelty-free sustainable fashion labels have emerged aiming to end overconsumption, reckless pollution, unethical manufacturing, and needless animal cruelty, giving fashion lovers a new way to showcase the values they stand for, to look good while doing good, and Wardrobe of Tomorrow is their home.